Shhh!!! Don't tell the neighbours... Shanghai Secret Disco is back!


What started as a secret party, but grew way too big to stay unnoticed, is now a disco extravaganza at Mao Livehouse.

由最初的秘密派对开始,分贝越来越响,如今演变成Mao Livehouse的迪斯科盛宴。

The recipe is the same as it's been since day one: we bring a shitload of fancy dress and glitter, you help yourself for free, we boogie all night long.


This Saturday our disco mothership is piloted by our finest resident DJs, plus a couple of special guests. Lev Zep, BO, CFP, Sawam and more will be spinning every colour of disco, funk and groove in the rainbow.

本周六的迪斯科母舰将由我们的常驻DJ们掌舵,以及一些特殊嘉宾,来陪我们一起旋转迪斯科的色彩:Lev Zep, BO, CFP 和 Sawam

Expect groove. Expect boogie. Expect funk. Dance til your feet fall off, or lay back and chill.

你大可期待节奏与摇摆, 选择开怀畅舞或是悠闲chill。

Entry to the party is free.


Alone, or want to make more disco friends? We’ve got you covered! From 9.00-9.30 we’ll be dressing up, putting on glitter, taking dumb photos. Come join us and we’ll introduce you to some fellow disconauts.


DJs start from 9.30, and boogie on until 3.00am.

8th August, 9.00pm – 3am


Mao Electronic Studio 3/F, 308 Chongqing Nan Lu, 3/F, 重庆南路308号, 近建国中路

Mum’s the word.

To join our group chat, add ID CharleyUtton or 494710805.想了解更多会被拉入群,添加微信号:CharleyUtton 或 494710805。We like to keep things secret, but for a preview, here’s a couple of snaps from previous Shanghai Secret Discos:过去几期Secret Disco回顾: