Elevate was started by three young arts-enthusiasts in mid-2018. United by a love for Shanghai and a desire to increase artistic activity in the city, we set about creating events where artists and audiences could come together. Our main focus was visual art – painting, photography and sculpture –but we decided to bring it alive in combination with music, dance, theatre, mindfulness and storytelling.


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In our first year, we held 4 exhibitions, featuring more than 50 artists living in Shanghai. We held 10 live painting events, 14 artist talks, 2 art markets, 20 workshops, more parties than we can count, and a handful of panel discussions. We worked with more than 20 venues, from small cafes, to galleries, to one of the city’s largest and most reputable theatres.

在创立后的第一年里,我们一共举办了4场展览,呈现了50多位居住在上海的艺术家的作品。此外,我们还举办了10个现场绘画活动,14个艺术家讲座,2个艺术品集市,20个研讨会,还有偶尔的小组交流和数不完的派对。在这期间我们去到了20个大大小小的场所-- 小到咖啡厅,大到画廊,再大到全上海最有声望的剧院之一。

Our vision was clear: the arts are for everyone, no matter their income, their background, or their level of education. We believe that high artistic quality can go hand in hand with affordability and access.


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Come 2020, we had big plans set. Our events were due to get bigger, in collaboration with some of the world and China’s best-known fashion brands and venues. Then… a funny thing happened.


2020 was difficult. For a self-funded business, built with events and exhibitions as our backbone, the pandemic hit hard. Our team shrank, but we held on. Our community helped us through.


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Despite the steps back, by 2021, we were back on our feet. We launched a few new event series, which we continue to feel very passionate about. The first was Artists on Artists, a quarterly event at which four artists from different fields give presentations on the artists they admire the most.

尽管疫情对我们的打击很大·,但到2021年,我们又重新站了起来。我们仍然对我们的事业充满热情,并又推出了一些新的系列活动。第一个系列活动名为 "艺术家谈艺术家",每三周举行一次。每一场都有来自不同领域的四位艺术家来谈谈他们自己最欣赏的艺术家们。

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The second was Art vs Fashion, a live competitive performance event pitting an artist and their team, against a fashion designer and their team, to see who can make the best performance in two hours.


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The third was Land of Chill 城市解药, an escape from the city, within the city. Combining music, art, storytelling, meditation, yoga and a whole lot more. Land of Chill 城市解药 is a sanctuary for those who need a rest from the fast pace of the city.

第三个系列活动名为Land of Chill 城市解药,一个让人们不需要离开城市就能逃离城市喧嚣的地方。这个活动融和了音乐、艺术、故事叙述、冥想、瑜伽等多种元素。Land of Chill 城市解药是为那些需要从城市的快节奏中休息的人提供的避难所。

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Towards the end of 2021 we started working with commercial clients, using our vast network of creators, and our experience crafting meaningful events, to tailor private events, brand activations and arts activities.


In 2022, we continue to follow the dual path: making community events of our own, and using our experience for the benefit of brands, real estate, and shopping malls. The vision remains the same-- Make the arts, and meaningful events, accessible to all.




Whether you're an artist, a collector, or just someone with an interest in the arts and creativity, there are many ways you can get involved with Elevate.


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